The Onion: an artist’s tool kit / Α workshop by Lia Haraki 20-21 of March

The Onion: an artist’s tool kit / Α workshop by Lia Haraki 20-21 of March

“The Onion: an artist’s tool kit” is a workshop about clarifying the elements that compose the anatomy of an artist’s body of work.

Creation is usually the development/construction of an idea towards an end result. In the workshop participants are given a different perspective to the creative process as a process of undoing rather than doing by removing the unnecessary, so that the outcome can be revealed rather than developed. By using the onion peeling both as a metaphor and as a practise, the participants are guided to ‘peel off ‘ unnecessary layers that keep the artwork hidden and locked. The workshop specifically deals with eight issues that influence and determine the creative process. These are explored through practical exercises as well as writing, sketching, mapping, listing, thinking and discussing, which work towards the reflection, articulation and clarification of the elements that make up one’s artistic

“The Οnion workshop, is about learning to cut out the noise that keeps us from listening to our deep artistic desires. It’s really a workshop on listening to what is left when all the ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldnts’ are ignored. It is a frame that gives artists the time and space to be alone, which really means all-one with their creative being.”
Lia Haraki

“If you need a workshop to concentrate, confront, clarify your art practice, then that’s the place to be”.

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Who is such a workshop for:
For artists from all art forms

At Dance House Lemesos
(Andrea Drousioti 17 Heroes′ Square 3040, Limassol Cyprus)
When: 20-21 of March
Time: 9:30-14:30
Participation Fee: 50 euros

Limited number of participants / Registration is on a first come first serve basis

Booking is required at until the 18th of March. Please attach your biographical note.

Information: / 25-340618


*The workshop will be held in English