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Micro And Macro Dramaturgies in Dance

Micro and Macro Dramaturgies in Dance is a two-year-long European research and training project, that brings together six leading contemporary dance organisations: Anghiari Dance Hub and Marche Teatro (Italy), Bora Bora (Denmark), Dance House Lemesos (Cyprus), DansBrabant (the Netherlands) and Tanec Praha (Czechia) to explore through exchange and collaboration dramaturgy as a creative and socially conscious practice. The project is coordinated by Tanec Praha and curated by a Scientific Team of dramaturgs: Guy Cools, Katalin Trencsényi, Maja Hriešik, and Anne-Marije van den Bersselaar.

The project provides an opportunity to give artists from five partner countries (the Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and Cyprus) the experience of leading European dance dramaturges led by Guy Cools, each year through two 10-day workshops (in the spring and autumn) for selected pairs of artists from each country (a choreographer and their potential dramaturge), but always open to the wider professional public. Each workshop will include a seminar with the participation of the wider art community and the last workshop in Prague will conclude with a final presentation of the outputs of the whole two-year project open to the general public.



Leim was an innovative program of energetic research that offered selected participants the chance to proceed in a personal and collective journey of growth of their qualifications in professional leadership of institutions with high level of experience in dance, both in their own countries and within the European Union.

Dance Ireland (IE) was the head of the Programme in collaboration with CSC/Bassano del Grappa (IT), Dance House Lemesos (CY), Mercat de les Flors Barcelona (ES) TanzHaus NRW Dusseldorf (DE). Leim was a 2-year collaborative project funded by the program Culture 2007-2013 of the E.U.

The ten participants (2 by each country) were called to learn, to research, to exchange and to materialize projects round dance, while interacting with new cultural frames.

Together with the support of the host institutions and their artistic communities, they experienced excellent practices, shared ideas and created new models of work, so that they face the basic needs of leadership of artists and dance institutions.

e-motional bodies & cities

The European program E-motional Bodies and Cities was proposed by Romania (Gabriela Tudor Foundation) for the program of Education and Culture DG of European Union, with partners from Ireland, Latvia, Turkey, Romania, Cyprus and England. The program aims at pointing out, cultivating, attracting and maintaining talent and the creativity on a European level, by connecting artists and directors of dance from countries that participate in the program through subsidies of mobility, hospitalities, scholarships, artistic research and co-productions and exchange of presentations.

act your age

Act Your Age was a two – year European dance project focusing on the pressing global question of aging. In cooperation with the Centro per la Scena Contemporanea (Italy), Dance House Lemesos (Cyprus) and the Nederlandse Dansdagen (the Netherlands), choreographers tackled the challenging subject of age and aging of the European citizens, and the consequences for artists, dancers and the performing arts.

Act Your Age consisted of artistic research, workshops and expert/community meetings to create an exchange between the European elderly, young dance makers, health care professionals, science, business and a broad audience. By giving the elderly a prominent place, Act Your Age aimed to constructively and innovatively contribute to the discussion about aging and the depiction of the older body.

Three satellite countries, Ireland, Turkey and Finland also engaged in dialogue. This additional dialogue provided points of reference and sharpened the focus of the project because of the different contexts for aging in each of the countries. The first year (May 2012 – May 2013) concentrated on workshops and research and the second year was dedicated to presenting the outcomes of this research. Progress was shared to the
public at the festivals of each partner country. In July at the Operaestate Festival Veneto in Bassano del Grappa (Italy), in September at the Open House Dance and Performance Festival in Lemesos (Cyprus) and in October during the Dutch Dance Festival in Maastricht (the Netherlands).

The project concluded in December 2013 in Maastricht, the Netherlands by the Act Your Age Festival. Performances of existing and new work with older dancers, both professional and amateur where shown and people could attend workshops, debates and exhibitions. Boundaries between different generations and areas of expertise were transcended as people watched and talked about performances together.