The programme has at its core the artistic development in the field of performing arts and serves the goals of the Dance House Lemesos that focuses on encouraging the continuous progress of local choreographers, dancers, artists from the field of performing arts,  audience development and the participation of the artists within the broader dance/artistic scene.

Apart from the annual artistic development programme, Dance House Lemesos has been offering residencies (for artistic development) to artists based in Cyprus, through their participation in several European programmes like ‘E-Motional Bodies and Cities’, ‘Act Your Age’, ‘Leim’, ‘Micro Macro Dramaturgies in Dance’ and within the frame of Open House Festival.

Moving The New Artistic Development Programme focuses on artistic development and research by using various tools such as time, feedback, peer-to-peer exchange, different forms of presentation, educational workshops and exchange within the community. The duration of the programme for 2023 will be for seven months in which the selected artists will have the opportunity to develop their artistic practice and project through different forms and methodologies.

Moving the New supports the development of experimental and cross-disciplinary art and invites emerging as well as mature professional artists who live in Cyprus and have a strong interest in deeping their artistic research and creative methodology, to submit their proposals. The call is open to artists working in the field of choreography, performance and time-based arts that approach the notion of the ‘body’ with various artistic means and they are also interested in deepening their artistic practice. Proposals may concern the creation or the development of a current idea, a solo or collaborative work that critically investigates, challenges, and extends the existing norms and practices of performing arts. The artistic research idea should be still a work in progress (that has not been premiered yet in Cyprus and abroad). The invitation is also open to artists who had previously been selected for the programme.

Τhroughout the duration of the programme the selected  artists will be collaborating with the mentor/dramaturg Rodia Vomvolou. They will be having monthly one-to-one sessions with the mentor, intensive group workshops and feedback sessions. The programme is based on the idea of shifting between intensive research periods with the mentor (and the other selected artists), and personal time for research/rehearsal in the studio.


Annie Khoury, Artemis Evlogimenou


Katerina Paisi, Elisavet Panagiotou, George Bizios


Maria Kasapi , Belinda Papavasiliou, Naya Karakosta


Kalia Maliali, Konstantina Skalionta, Petros Konnaris


Arianna Marcoulides, Dimitris Chimonas, Suzanna Phialas, Eleftheria Sokratous


Eleana Alexandrou, Dimitris Chimonas, Milena Ugren Koulas, Suzanna Phialas


Panayiotis Tofi, Arianna Marcoulides


Panayiotis Tofi, Milena Ugren Koulas


Kalia Maliali, Arianna Marcoulides, Julia Brendle


Petros Konnaris, Kalia Maliali, Alexis Vassiliou, Arianna Marcoulides, Lydia Fraser-Ward

2013 X

2012 X


Margozata Haduch and Legitimate Bodies (Nick Bryson and Damian Punch)


Iraqi bodies


Shelagh Keeley, Michael Reinhart, Lin Snelling, Petros Argyri, Giannis Armeftis, Arianna Markoulides, Alexis Vassiliou, Eleana Alexandrou, Elena Antoniou.