Solo project :SKY – 2/10

Solo project :SKY – 2/10

2/10 18:00 (60’)

Live Performance

Multilevel car parking space (Salaminos street).

For the purposes of Solo project: SKY ten young Cyprus based dancers have been invited to co-create a dance performance with the aim to explore their personal/spatial boundaries and the physical limits of the body in relation with the whole ensemble.

Choreography/Performance: Belinda Papavasiliou, Katerina Tylliridou, Panos Malactos, Andria Michaelidou, Zoe Eleftheriou, Christianna Eftychiou, Kyriakos Ierodiakonou, Maria Kasapi, Georgia Constantinou (Clark), Maria Gerasimou

Concept/Curation: Alexis Vassiliou

Sound Design: Elena Savvidou

Production: Dance House Lemesos