Dance House Lemesos is located in a listed building in the historical centre of Limassol. The decision to locate the Dance House in the specific building, aimed in the overall attempt of certain cultural and academic organisations/sectors (i.e Rialto Theatre, C.U.T)  in reenforcing the characteristics of Heroes’ Square and the nearby area.

It was built in 1919 by Mr. Nemitsas and it was the residence of Z. Stamatiou family (one of the three founding members of the Electrical Power supply Company). Between 1971-1978 it was used as a private club and at a later stage the space was rennovated to host the private rooms of KIT-KAT cabaret that was located in the ground floor.

Dance House Lemesos can support presentations, performances, rehearsals, artistic research, workshops, seminars, lectures, classes etc. The space has an indoor and outdoor space and offers sound system, chairs and pillows.

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