We are an event  | 17:30 | 30’ | 02/10/21

We are an event | 17:30 | 30’ | 02/10/21

Performing The New / Presentation

Belinda Papavasileiou

Vinegar Factory

Free Entrance

we are a performance

we are a space to live in

we are not a miracle

we are an event

we are becoming

we are not a spectacle

we are the process, the work and the in-between

we are not dancers

we are not activators

we are definitely very specific

we are something and nothing at the same time

Within the framework of ‘Moving the new’ artistic development programme, Belinda has been exploring- through her research with the title Vibrant Matter– how objects and materials can inform choreographic situations. Her practice is based on playing and experimenting with objects as collaborators that direct, shape and influence the choreography. Belinda is interested in noticing the associations that evolve when the body interacts with materials and objects, as well as in what remains afterwards in the space as a choreographic installation. Questioning the place of the body amongst things, the project is exploring and uncovering issues of domesticity, femininity, representation and commodification. ”We are an event” is the final presentation of a work in progress that was developed during the ‘Moving the New’ artistic development programme

Conceived | Choreographed and performed by: Belinda Papavasiliou, with the plants,objects and immediate surroundings

Artistic collaborator: Nasia Papavasileiou,

Mentored by: Rodia Vomvolou