Unpacking your work-in-progress: Dramaturgical approaches

Unpacking your work-in-progress: Dramaturgical approaches

Unpacking your work-in-progress: Dramaturgical approaches

Limassol Municipal Dance Center

11th-14th of April 2024 (5 hours/per day)
Thursday (11/04), Saturday (13/04) and Sunday (14/04) at 11:00-16:00
Friday (12/04) at 12:00-17:00

The workshop focuses on revisiting and developing works-in-progress through the
lens of dramaturgy. Starting from feedback of the existing material and activating new
questions, alternative perspectives and other ways of thinking, participants are invited
to revisit and process their works-in-progress, while at the same time explore
dramaturgy as a practice.

The workshop aims to develop and explore tools and methodologies through which
dramaturgical dialogue can be generated, in order to familiarize the participants with
different formats to communicate their thoughts, questions and observations in
relation to both their own and others’ work. Through written, oral and practical tasks,
both individually and in groups, participants will have the opportunity to work and
reflect on their projects in order to gain a different, renewed perspective of one’s own
dramaturgical and creative process and ultimately develop them in greater depth. At
the same time, the workshop will offer the opportunity to touch upon contemporary
approaches and notions of dramaturgical practices in choreography and the role of the
dramaturg in it.
The workshop addresses emerging and established makers and choreographers that
have a particular interest in creation processes and composition. Participants are
required to come to the workshop with a specific work in progress (it may be
something they are currently working on or have worked on in the past and want to
revisit). They should send a description of the project beforehand and a video excerpt
from a presentation or rehearsal footage of the project.

There are 4 available spots to participate in the workshop. First come first served!
You can sign up for the workshop here:
The workshop is supported by Nea Kinisi