ODY ICONS – 4/10

ODY ICONS – 4/10

4/10 21:00 (60’)

Live performance

Dance House Lemesos

ODY ICONS were introduced to their audience with the cover “SUPERMELANCHOLIC” of the song “Tha melanholiso”. Since then, they are doing live performances in Greece. In August 2020 they participated in the opening of the exhibition “Sleeping with a tiger” at K Gold Temporary Gallery in Lesvos.

In their musical performances they unite the dots between their multiple musical influences, seeking at the same time – with a naiveté – the normalization of the path between personal and public, romantic and cynical, poetic and prosaic. Drawing on the theatricality and exaggeration of the times, with the political / sarcastic mood of a modern cabaret, ODY ICONS in each of their musical performances reconcile the warmth of freedom with the freedom of melancholy.

They appear in Cyprus for the first time.

Photos: Olga Saliampoukou