Lazaros – Πέμπτη / Thursday | 28.9 | 22:00 (50’) (16+)

Lazaros – Πέμπτη / Thursday | 28.9 | 22:00 (50’) (16+)

Λάζαρος / Lazaros | Performance (CY)

Έλενα Αγαθοκλέους / Elena Agathokleous 

Πέμπτη / Thursday | 28.9 | 22:00 (50’) (16+)

@ Ravens Music Hall

A musical performance, in a concert version, inspired by the Scriptures. A contemporary tragedy dedicated to Lazarus.

-You are sitting and watching. Why are you following me with your eyes? Soon you will think “but see how much he loved him, couldn’t he do something so that he would be resurrected too?” Yes, darlings of comfort, unite. Darlings of comfort, of all the world, unite!

On stage: Elena Agathokleous, Marianna Michael, Alexandros Papadopoulos | Direction, dramaturgy: Elena Agathokleous | Text: Elena Agathokleous and Giorgos Kritharas | Translation of the passage from the Bible in collaboration with Rania Iakovou | Artistic collaborator: Giorgos Kritharas | Original music: Marianna Michael | Movement advisor: Eleana Alexandrou | Costumes: Andreas Antoniou | Screenings: Konstantina Peter | Recorded choir: Androula Kafa, Nektarios Theodorou, Andreas Makris, Andreas Kentis | Production: Center of performing arts MITOS_2020

Warning for photosensitive individuals, use of strobe lights.