Friday Technochoros ETHAL 06.10.2017

Friday Technochoros ETHAL 06.10.2017

21:00 20′ | When It Turns Red – Evie Demetriou

Does being constantly busy or declaring we are constantly busy symbolizes something? Is ‘being busy’ related to our self-worth? Is it a status symbol? Playing with both abstraction and narration the new work of Evie Demetriou questions the consequences of being busy on the body and the self.


Evie studied dance at the Laban Centre in London and with scholarship at Limon Institute in New York. She is a 2004 Danceweb scholarship recipient and a travel grant recipient from Ε-motional Bodies & Cities 2011 . She was an invited artist at the European Programme Act Your Age 2012-2014.

Central to her choreographic work is the role of the person in society.  In the process of the work she devotes time for exploration, following a path of inquiry to the unknown. Her choreographic work has been invited in international festivals in Italy, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Kenya, Egypt, Ireland, Turkey, Italy, Holland, Croatia and Greece.


Choreography/ Performance: Evie Demetriou

Advisor: Tabea Martin

Styling: Kristia Michaelidou

Photography: Michael Papamichael

Production: En drasi 2017

Thanks tο: Emily Papaloizou, Louiza Papaloizou, Antis Iakovou

Supported by Dance House Lemesos