First Look / Moving The New

First Look / Moving The New

The participants of the artistic residency program Moving the New 2021, will share with us the progress of their research by presenting material from their work.

This will be followed by a discussion / moderated feedback session between spectators and creators, which will be coordinated by the program’s mentor Rodia Vomvolou.

The purpose of First Look is the exchange / interaction between artists, their research process and the audience.

At Dance House Lemesos

When: Saturday 12th of June

Time: 20:00

Free Entrance

Limited seats

Reservation required at or 25340618

Projects / Artists

The deconstruction of “discovering our under/pants”
or how does my brain becomes mashed potatoes

Nayia T. Karacosta

3 months ago: my residency at the Dance House begins.

3 months later: the first part of my research is completed;

(a) how can I design a workshop in which theatrical games functions as documentation with the female bodies as a subject.
(b) how this workshop applies to women, either individually or in groups, and how can we talk about our bodies and their experiences through theatrical games.

Present moment:
28/6/21 – only one day left before the deadline for the description of First Look.

The second part of my research begins:

A huge amount of material.

A huge amount of the possibilities and the choices to be made.

How the material can be deconstructed? How is it used? Where does it taking me? How can I use the word “material” without cancelling the women behind it? What happens when my body watches those other bodies through videotaped interviews? What do I keep, what do I leave out, what do I enlarge, what do I try? What happens when I isolate a movement / a body part and play with it? – does the projector fit into this project? -. What are my options and where do I focus?

At First Look the spectator will watch this whole world of research, how did I get here and the result of it: the diary entries of the days in the studio, the videotaped interviews, the written words of the women who participated, the improvised tests based on all of the above and whatever else arises.


Maria Kasapi

How a human being affects/influences another human being physically and mentally?
How consciously or unconsciously required or the experiences?
Do they have a choice in terms of how and how much they will get affected?
Which is in favour of conscious or unconscious in the end?

Performers: Emily Cutler, Elisavet Panagiotou

This is very specific

Belinda Papavasileiou

someone said everything should happen effortlessly when people are watching BUT
this is not a performance
this is not a setting up
this is not a happening
this is not an event
and this is not the process or the work or the in-between
and she is not a dancer
she is not a worker she is not an activator and for sure this is not an object, not a material, not a sculpture
not a body
and this is definitely not
a random egg.
It could be something
that has not arrived yet
it does not know
what it is yet
and this i think could be something that no one is in control of
and this could feel just fine
it could be just fine I think
if it is something and nothing at the same time