Endlessly Endless – Kalia Maliali – 3/10

Endlessly Endless – Kalia Maliali – 3/10

Performing the New

3/10 18:30 (20’)

Live presentations

Limassol Municipal Arts Center – Papadakis Warehouses



Artistic Development Programme – Moving The New 2020. Final presentations of the work in progress by the artists in residence.


‘Endlessly Endless’ is a solo work created and performed by Kalia Maliali; questioning, embodying and connecting different identities and narratives through her personal experiences in a conditioned world. From recalling childhood experiences to her migratory endeavors to Asia; she moves through time from fantasy to play. This solo is a female’s journey between the imagined and the outer- on sexuality, art, romantic break ups, illness, and dreams.

“After diving into my healing process, a new dimension of physical awareness, vivid visions and memories have opened up to me. In those states, I find myself remembering and reclaiming forgotten parts of my being- topographies, unknown to me- in ancestral forms and symbols.”

Concept │Performance │Text: Kalia Maliali