Dying as a country | 20:00 | 45’  CY | 01/10/2021

Dying as a country | 20:00 | 45’ CY | 01/10/2021

by Dimitris Dimitriadis / Directed by:

Elena Agathokleous –  Centre of Performing Arts MITOS


Limassol Municipal Arts Center – Papadakis Warehouses

Elenas Agathokleou’s recent work is a screen adaptation of “Dying as a country” written by playwright D. Dimitriadis. Elena is inspired by Guy Debord and the way he analyzes spectacle and more precisely how spectacle operates as being the society itself. In particular, Debord mentions (The Spectacle of Society) that spectacle aims at nothing other than itself.


Τhe text belongs to one of the most striking pieces of literature. The writer himself characterised it as being a ‘draft’ for a novel.

It was firstly published in a magazine in 1978 and the following year it was published as a book. Since then it was published in multiple editions and it has been translated in many languages. In the main part of the text we experience- through the narration- the misery and agony of a country being in a state of emergency and collapse. A crisis that is generated partly by external factors but mainly because of the ongoing corruption and decadence being dominant in all aspects and layers of a country.

This very powerful, long and frequently interrupted by ellipsis narration, it culminates in fierce, violent and desperate monologue by a woman.


Performers: Marina Argyridou / Nektarios Theodorou.

With Eleana Alexandrou / Dimitris Chimonas / Marianna Michael

Directing | dramaturgy: Elena Agathokleous

Visuals: Constantina Peter / Christos Georgiou

Movement: Eleana Alexandrou

Music: Marianna Michael

Voice over: Giorgos Kritharas / Elena Agathokleous

Styling | costumes: Arianna Marcoulidou

Camera by: Suzana Phialas, Pavlos Vrionides

Green screen camera: Constantina Peter

Editing: Suzana Fialas

Sound recording: Panagiotis Gavriel

Production: MITOS 2021

With the support of THYMELI 2021 and in collaboration with the Rialto Theater / FlashArt2 program.