Drained Anatomies: TBA MAN – Second Look

Drained Anatomies: TBA MAN – Second Look


Concept/Creation/Performance: Panayiotis Tofi

Sound: Yiannis Christofides

Mentoring: Bush Hartshorn

Web Promotion: Philipos Evangelou

Graphic Design: Panayiotis Tofi

Panayiotis Tofi-Cyprus.
18:00 (25’) Dance House Lemesos. Free entrance.

The research originally started from the study of one of the latest advertising campaigns of a renowned sports brand. It has progressively evolved around the exhausting propensity of conquering prodigious goals and towards a movement journey/struggle in an effort to embody and establish the ideal male prototype.

“…According to sports programming boys consume most that a real man is strong, tough, aggressive, and above all, a winner in what is still a man’s world. To be a winner, he must be willing to compromise his own long-term health by showing guts in the face of danger and by fighting other men when necessary. He must avoid being soft; he must be the aggressor, both on the “battle fields” of sports and in his consumption choices. Whether he is playing sports or making choices about which products to purchase, his aggressiveness will win him the ultimate prize: the adoring attention of beautiful women and the admiration of other men…”

‘Boys to Men’ Sports Media


The presentations of the work by the residence artist of Dance House Lemesos Panayiotis Tofi, are part of Μoving the New-Artistic Development Programme of Dance House Lemesos.

Panayiotis Tofi, after the completion of a Bachelor in Graphic and Advertising Design continued his studies at Trinity Laban graduating with the Diploma for Dance Studies (2010) and the Bachelor of Contemporary Dance with First Class (2014). During his studies he collaborated as a performer with Tony Thatcher, Lizzi Kew Ross, Lea Anderson, Fred Gehrig and Sonia Rafferty. He is currently based in Cyprus where he has worked as a performer with Asomates Dinameis, Echo Arts, Alexis Vassiliou (Nothing to Declare), Amfidromo Chorotheatro and .pelma.lia haraki. He has been the movement director for the theatrical works “Nitsa” (Paris Erotokritou), “An album of stories” (Marios Kakoullis) and “Happy Mess” (Paravan Proactions). For the last two years he has been investigating movement and composition relating to body decentralization and spatial tension along with topics of concealment, withdrawal and dispossession. Throughout this process he has presented three choreographic works: Turn Off Lights When Leaving (2015), Keep Hands Clear (2015) and Documenting Emptiness (2016).

Presentation Of The Book: ‘In-Between Dance Cultures On The Migratory Artistic Identity Of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui And Akram Khan’ By Guy Cools.

Interview/Discussion with the author of the book.

Interviewer and discussion moderator: Mrs.Steriani Tsintziloni, co-curator for Dance-Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

19:00 (60’) Dance House Lemesos. Free entrance.