Developing and sustaining a voice as an artist – Σάββατο / Saturday | 30.9 | 15:00 (45’) 

Developing and sustaining a voice as an artist – Σάββατο / Saturday | 30.9 | 15:00 (45’) 

 ‘Developing and sustaining a voice as an artist’ (CY) / «Αναπτύσσοντας και διατηρώντας μια φωνή ως καλλιτέχνης» 

Πρεμιέρα Podcast  | Podcast Premiere 

Λία Χαράκη / Lia Haraki – Guy Cools

Σάββατο / Saturday | 30.9 | 15:00 (45’) 

Θα ακολουθήσει Q&A / Q&A will follow*

@ Δημοτικό Κέντρο Τεχνών – Αποθήκες Παπαδάκη / Municipal Arts Center – Papadakis Warehouses

Είσοδος Ελεύθερη / Free Entrance

An enhanced podcast about Lia Haraki’s twenty-year creation journey in an interview to dramaturge Guy Cools 

In this enhanced podcast, Dramaturge Guy Cools interviews Lia Haraki on her twenty-year creation journey in dance, choreography, and performance. The two of them have been close collaborators through this whole time and last year they met in Vienna to record this conversation about Lia’s works, the significance of her collaborations, the growth of her practices and her contribution to the development of dance and performance in Cyprus. The podcast is enhanced with images from Lia’s archive which she has edited herself.

*The discussion will be moderated by Alexis Vassiliou

Text / interview: Lia Ηaraki and Guy Cools | Music: Yiannis Christofides and voice Lia Haraki from the sound work VESSEL | Images: Pavlos Vrionides and amongst others Harry Antoniades, Christodoulos Panayiotou, PASHIAS, Christos Hadjichristou, Marios Hapsis. | Image Editing: Lia Haraki | Recording: Andreas Berger | Audio mixing and editing: Marcus Papageorgiou at AV Playroom | Recorded at the Liquid Loft studio in Vienna on November 22nd, 2022