Dance Throughout the Year

Dance Throughout the Year

2 – 4 Μarch 2018

Dance Throughout the Year aims to adjoin the Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform by enriching the festival’s programme with works that were presented during 2017 in Cyprus and therefore support and promote, alongside with the Platform, the artistic work of the creators.


Since 2016, Dance House Lemesos collaborates with Blast Collective for the project “Blast from the past: Α retrospective to the future”, within the frame of the programme Dance Throughout The Year.



FRIDAY AND SATURDAY | 18:00 – 22:00





In the framework of the project Blast from the Past: A retrospective to the future

Curated by Blast Collective /

Lia Haraki and Christodoulos Panayiotou remember their first collaboration, “Evergreen” (2003) in dialogue with Dimitris Chimonas. They revisit the work with a different perspective, and they invite us to have a “backstage” sneak pick on a performance that still remains current.


From the programme of 2003: “Topography. They say that a forest lives inside my house. Once, my house used to live in a forest. Our moving away from nature seems to be significant and nostalgia is characterized by the paradox of replacement. The verb “lose”: undeniably accompanies (perhaps even determines) the history of humanity. Singing birds know this well.


I abandon the houses and other buildings of our geometrical certainty. I am often drawn to the sensitive voices of dinosaurs. I am transported into forgotten historical and geographical landscapes. I create a forest – bibelot. I enter a parenthesis. Beauty kills us out of love.


Theatre is, after all, a primitive virus with the intelligence to mutate and adapt. On the contrary, theatrical space is characterized by a specific dynamic, which is architectonically determined (hardly flexible). The “microspace” of the stage desperately wants to function like the “macrospace” of our reality. The “virtual” nature of the video might allow for this modification to happen. My body is now becoming a storage space for classifies knowledge and detail.”



Choreography-performance: Lia Haraki

Director-Set design-Costumes design-Text: Christodoulos Panayiotou

Video (study-execution): Christina Olympiou

Costumes: Rena Perdiki

Lighting design: Panayiotis Manousis

Appearing: Alexander Michael

Music: John Dowland (Flow my tears), Henry Purcell (The plaint/Fairy Queen), Tobias Hume (Captain Humes Pavan)