CAREER TOOLKIT: workshops on Professional Development with Natasa Georgiou

CAREER TOOLKIT: workshops on Professional Development with Natasa Georgiou

A series of workshops on Professional Development for performing artists with Natasa Georgiou

SUN. 20 MARCH – 2022

First workshop: WHO IM I
•Strengthening self-image and self-esteem
•Boosting our self-confidence for successful self-management
•Set our professional vision and manage goal setting
•Personal direction – taking personal and professional responsibility

Time: 14:00-17:00
•Professional self-presentation. In a written speech a biographical note and a cover letter and in the oral speech self-presentation for the purpose of networking and approaching sponsors/supporters
•Professional internet profile on social media
•Career management skills- Employability

The deep dive topics will include different methods of meditation into:
•The mechanics of creating your reality consciously.
•Energetic time mastery.
•Healing your relationship with money as an artist and as a person.
•Each session will shift your energy considerably and help you settle in your •Uplifted Creative Consciousness.

Where: At Dance House Lemesos
Date: SUNDAY 20th of MARCH
Safe Pass is mandatory

Participants can join one, or both workshops
Participation cost until 12th of March (EARLY BIRDS):
Attending one workshop:40 euros
Attending two workshops: 60 euros
For late applications from 13- 19 March:
Attending one workshop: 60 euros
Attending two workshops: 80 euros

Apply by sending an email with the subject “CAREER TOOLKIT” at Please mention your full name, your profession, and the titles of the workshops you wish to attend.
Call us at 25340618 (M-F 9:00-16:00)

Meet Natasa:
My name is Natasa Georgiou, a graduate of Laine Theatre Arts of London and a holder of an MA in choreography from Middlesex University. I’m an ISTD Fellow and Modern Theatre Dance Examiner, the founder and main choreographer of interact dance co. My works have been awarded at the Cyprus Dance Platform by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and presented in several EU countries and Canada.
I am a founding member of the Cyprus New Movement of Dance Groups, Dancers, and Choreographers, one of the first members of the Cyprus Dance Association and have served the organizations from several positions for many years. I am also a founding member of Dance House Lemesos and held the position of Executive and Artistic Director from 2010 to 2014. I have served as the project manager for the European Programs, Tracing Roads Across, E-Motional Bodies and Cities, Act Your Age, and Leim.
Currently, I am acting as a member of various committees, appointed by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture for the selection of artistic works for festivals in Cyprus and abroad.
As part of my international work, I have participated as a member of the International Committee for the prequalification of artists for the PLACE PRIZE in London, as a member of the international jury for the Dioraphte Dance Awards, in Maastricht of Holland, a member of the jury for the Spanish Platform, in Madrid of Spain and acted as the Cyprus representative for the selection of works for AEROWAVES.
Throughout my professional career as a dance researcher, programmer, choreographer, and dance educator I have worked with cancer patients, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis patients, quadriplegics, and deaf children as well as with children with learning difficulties due to emotional and psychological traumas.
As an activist, I am the general co-coordinator of Refugees we Care – a volunteer platform that supports Refugees and asylum seekers and a co-organizer of Mothers Rise Up Cyprus, a platform that advocates our right to a healthy living environment and offers information about climate change.
I am the director and principal teacher of moving arts centre where I teach modern theatre dance, contemporary, creative movement, and improvisation, and I am also the co-founder of the unique Teachers toolkit Moving At Home.
I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with my students and other professionals and my vision is to create a platform for sharing best practices, in the field of education and promotion of dance. My mission is to continue developing programs for enhancing creativity and thinking outside the box and contribute to a better and just world!