Moving the New | Presentations of works in progress

Moving the New | Presentations of works in progress

Dance House Lemesos opens its doors and invites you to the First Look!
The participants of the artistic residency program Moving the New 2022, will share with us the progress of their research by presenting material from their work.
This will be followed by a discussion / moderated feedback session between spectators and creators, which will be coordinated by the program’s mentor Rodia Vomvolou.
The purpose of First Look is the exchange/interaction between artists, their research process and the audience.

At Dance House Lemesos
Friday | 17th of June
Time: 19:00
Free Entrance

Reservation required at or 25340618

Residency artists:
-Elisavet Panagiotou / In war with dust
-Katerina Paisi / A body, and its relative mass
-George Bizios / SHAPE OUT: An essential workout for advanced human beings

Mentor: Rodia Vomvolou

Elisavet Panagiotou | In war with dust. 

About the piece:

“I am in a constant fight with dust. I am always purging it, and it always returns. Sometimes, immediately. 

And I grudge. And I get annoyed. And it bothers me.

It bothers me that such a negligible weight can bother me so much.

And that I don’t know why it bothers me. 

And it bothers me when I don’t know why”. 

“In war with dust” is a work in process in the framework of my artistic research at MTN Residency by Dance house Lemesos. The project explores human’s emotional and cognitive relations with the non-conquered, the not controlled and the indefinite. During my residency, I mainly focused on metaphors regarding the notion and experience of knowledge, approaching them through free associations and movement improvisations.


Katerina Paisi | A body, and its relative mass

About the piece:

George Bizios | SHAPE OUT: An essential workout for advanced human beings.

About the piece:

I’ve been feeling kind of weak lately. None of the workout routines I tried would do it for me. I decided to create my own. I try to focus on me and on things that will make me a better human being. My friends love it, hope you will too.

Performers: George Bizios, Haris Iacovou and Maria Kasapi