WOLF OR-54| 17:00 | 20’ | 02/10/2021

WOLF OR-54| 17:00 | 20’ | 02/10/2021

Maria Kasapi

Performing The New / Presentation

Vinegar Factory

Free Entrance

What does it take for a human to be affected physically and mentally by another human being?

Are humans affected mostly consciously or unconsciously?

Do humans have a choice in terms of how and/or how much they will be affected?

Which one from the two is more prominent? Consciousness or unconsciousness?

The project WOLF OR-54 in the context of the residency programme Moving the New, is a choreographic research by Maria Kasapi based on how the human being is affected by the creation of a new relationship. It explores how the different qualities and stages of this connection and relationship can be translated into movement.