Since its founding in 2007, Dance House Lemesos has served as a catalyst for the inclusion of contemporary dance in Cyprus.
Dance House Lemesos focuses on the body and its functions, for being a tool for interpretation, research, communication and moreover as a vessel for challenging and commenting on the sociopolitical realities.

The Organisation:

-Supports Cyprus based performing art makers
-Promotes the artistic development and the choreographic growth
-Develops international collaborations,
-Participates in European programs
-Initiates collaborations with all contemporary art forms
-Supports the lifelong education
-Aims in audience development

Dance House Lemesos programs for 2021:

Οpen House Festival- Annual international festival
Moving the New- Artistic development
In Contact With- Artistic exchange, Education and ongoing profession training

Βoard of Directors:
Lia Haraki (President)
Chloe Melidou (Secretary)
Evie Demetriou (Treasurer)

General / Artistic Director: Marina Kakoulli

Project Manager: Eleana Charalambous


The initiative for the space began in 2005 by the choreographer Lia Haraki, when she invited the most active dance companies of Lemesos, Chorotheatro Omada Pente (Chloe Melidou, Roula Kleovoulou), En drasi (Evie Demetriou, Emily Papaloizou), Interact dance co. (Natasa Georgiou), Solipsism (Anna Charalambous),pelma.lia haraki (Lia Haraki) to share a space for artistic research and rehearsals.

The common vision of these founding artists to create a structure that would allow dance art to develop on the island, progressively evolved into Dance House Lemesos. Between 2005-2007 Dance House Lemesos was functioning through the personal financial investment of the founding artists, while they were initiating and running artistic projects for the whole local artistic community.
Dance House Lemesos officially opened its doors on the 1st of October 2007 being the first organisation -recognised and sponsored by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture- for developing and supporting the professional contemporary dance in Cyprus.

Dance House Lemesos is funded by the department of contemporary culture of the Deputy Ministry of Culture.