in contact with

In Contact With programme aims in the further development of performing art makers, by giving them the opportunity to participate in workshops, classes, seminars, lectures and research projects. Moreover it focuses in creating fruitful collaborations between the artists that live and work in Cyprus with other local and international artists by exploring together very specific creative practices, artistic concepts and methodologies that relate to performing arts.

  •  one day express lab

One Day Express Lab is a research programme (part of In Contact With programme) that started at the Dance House Lemesos in 2010 and it was initiated by Alexis Vassiliou.

The initial concept of One Day Express Lab is the invitation of two people from different artistic and/or scientific disciplines in order to meet for just one day, research a topic of their choice and present the outcome in a public presentation at the end of the day.

In 2018, the programme changed its structure and eight artists (from different backgrounds) are invited to work in duets. The outcome of the research is presented by the four duets to the public simultaneously at the end of the day.

The meetings held were attended by:


Elina Ioannou

Antonis Antoniou

Nektarios Theodorou

Charitini Kyriakou

Nicolas Deteuras

Markos Xatziioannou


Christos Nikolaou

Achim Wieland

Mohammed Awwad

Eva Korai

Ellada Evangelou

Mamas Pipis

Anna Skordi

BOW – Bodies of Work

BOW – Bodies OWork is a five-day intensive training program organized by Dance House Lemesos, supported by the Cultural Services-Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and developed in collaboration with BJCEM – Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean.

During the workshop, participants will be introduced to specific creative and research tools and will be encouraged to developed artistic discourses that allow to articulate the question of embodiment: how social bodies, labouring bodies, political bodies which are put “to work” in performance are able to mirror the complex relationships between subjectivities in motion and their environments.

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