George Bizios

Performing The New

Presentations of works in progress

1/10/2022 | Saturday | 17:00-19:00 (20΄)
Municipal Arts Center – Papadaki Warehouses
Free Entrance / First come first served basis


Action. Repetition.

Action. Pause. Repetition.

Action. Repetition.

Arrival.     ·

A performance that looks more like an exercise or rather an exercise that looks more like a performance, with the aim to explore the relationship between human being, space and time. The performers engage in a repetitive action in an attempt to get in touch with the elemental nature of existence.

This project is the third piece in progress by musician and composer George Bizios focusing on the human body and the processing of different states of consciousness.

Performers: George Bizios, Styliana Apostolou

Photos: Sketches by the participants of ‘Performance Lab’ during the workshop of artist PASHIAS as a part of the European program ‘Open Up’ 2021. 

Moving The New Artistic Development and Residency Programme

Programme’s mentor: Rodia Vomvolou