RIPE –  Παρασκευή / Friday | 29.9 | 18:00 (50’) (16+)

RIPE –  Παρασκευή / Friday | 29.9 | 18:00 (50’) (16+)

Performing The New

RIPE | Συμμετοχική Performance / Participatory performance (CY) *

 Άννη Χούρη / Annie Khoury

 Παρασκευή / Friday | 29.9 | 18:00 (50’) (16+)

 @ Πάνος Σολoμωνίδης / Panos Solomonides 

 Είσοδος Ελεύθερη / Free Entrance

A pearl of a tear

A dance floor appears in the middle of the room

A song is sung while a wound is open

A space forming between Thinking and Surrendering; a transitional realm between layers of

consciousness, that invites the audience to give in to nonsense, sense and sensation. Almost a party -or sleepwalking on a dance floor.

Exploring the range of the personal experience throughout privacy and community, the piece

keeps shifting our perception of intimacy, comfort and connection.

Confessions like flashes, flashes of strobe lights, violent glow of polished trauma.

Ripe is the conscious choice to care for our every wound with dance. A dance to claim beyond survival or existence, joy.

Text/Choreography/Looping/Performance Annie Khoury  | Music: Kalaqs

*Presentation of work in progress in the frame of Moving The New Artistic Development and Residency programme

Programme’s Mentor: Rodia Vomvolou

**The piece invites physical touch.