Pose sittings 2/10 – 3 – 4/10

Pose sittings 2/10 – 3 – 4/10

Suzana Phialas

2/10 19:00-21:00

3 – 4/10 10:00 – 19:00

Photography Installation

Limassol Municipal Arts Centre – Papadakis Warehouses

Seven bodybuilding poses were applied on the bodies of seventeen people from within various occupations, age and body types. The body is always centered and placed fully inside the frame, always shot from the same height and distance and in the same lighting conditions so as to avoid any distractions from the pose. This photographic inventory of same poses displayed together side by side results in infinite possibilities of photographic compositions to serve as a study of the pose for a new performance piece.

‘Pose sittings’ considers the act of posing and the obsession with the self-image within the societies of digital culture. External stereotypical images which are exposed over and over through social media profiles, commercials, and so on, have become an influence (many times unconscious) of our view of what is acceptable and desirable. The need for uniformity, the ideal model and the obsession with the self-image seems to be the main goal that gets adopted within the societies of digital culture so as to pump up popularity and likes. Thinking that we choose “normality” we may discover that this normality may be an unnatural dystopian image required as part of digital culture and which shapes the way we interact, behave, and communicate in a digital social environment.

Concept │creation│photography: Suzana Phialas

Studio lighting │advisor: Pavlos Vrionides

Mentoring: Rodia Vomvolou

Sitters exhibition photos: Eleftheria Sokratous, George Phialas, Despina Michaelidou, Giannis Ioannou, Demetra Fiala

Prints: Vassos Stylianou – 6×6 Centre Of Photograph