(non) independent episodes (CY)

(non) independent episodes (CY)

Elisavet Panagiotou

Performing The New

Presentations of works in progress
1/10/2022 | Saturday | 17:00-19:00 (15΄)
Municipal Arts Center – Papadaki Warehouses
Free Entrance / First come first served

In my absence, things continue to exist.

With or without meaning.

No matter what I foresee,

no matter what I explain,

water will carry on surprising us,

and dust will keep on returning.

Myself, I will probably be constantly trying to remember something,

and to leave behind me an echo of my existence.

Episodes that alternate between video and live performance, negotiating the passing of time, the ephemeral, childhood -or not- memories, minor discomforts, and light pinches of an unknown source.

Research | Choreography: Elisavet Panagiotou

Dancers: Andria Constantinou, Avgoustina Triarou, Elisavet Panagiotou, Sophia Irakleous

Videography | Editing: Yiannis Avraamides

Moving The New Artistic Development and Residency Programme

Programme’s mentor: Rodia Vomvolou