Love-ism – Things That Matter| 20:00 | 35’ | IL (18+) | 3/10/2021

Love-ism – Things That Matter| 20:00 | 35’ | IL (18+) | 3/10/2021

Mor Shani


Limassol Municipal Arts Center – Papadakis Warehouses

The film Love-ism | Things That Matter was created in the framework of the long term project Love-ism in which choreographer Mor Shani and filmmaker Paul Sixta took a closer look on the human experience of intimacy. Sixta expanded the conceptual grounds of Love-ism by challenging the discussion and making the process of creation transparent. In Love-ism | Things That Matter the camera is a witness of a creative process and exchange of ideas between dancers and community members of all ages.

The film, as a product of a multidisciplinary creation process, has a hybrid nature. It mixes documented reality with imagined narratives and takes a sober, yet radically romantic look at the ethos of love of all kinds. Love-ism | Things That Matter is an invitation to observe the delicate politics of intimacy that emerges while meeting significant others in a physical surrounding.

Spectators observe authentic, improvised and staged meetings of strangers, lovers, family members and professional cast members. By placing the happenings in the sterile environment of a white box, the film treats its subjects as museum-objects.

Concept | Choreography: Mor Shani

Film: Paul Sixta

Artistic management: Shiran Shveka

Photo: Paul Sixta