Dance on Screen | 1st -3rd of July | Workshop with Chrysanthi Badeka

Dance on Screen | 1st -3rd of July | Workshop with Chrysanthi Badeka

We are happy to announce the three-day workshop DANCE ON SCREEN-FRAMING MOTION with Chrysanthi Badeka.

Dance on screen is a complex artistic form that combines the arts of dance and cinema into a new ensemble. It is a powerful means of expression for creators, who are fascinated by the fusion of different artistic disciplines and curious to develop their practice or improve the techniques of filming the movement. The main objectives of the workshop are the best practices exchange, from theory to practice, within the triptych body-frame-space and the development of flexible communication mechanisms within the team during the pre-production, shooting and post-production process. At the workshop, participants will enjoy screenings of different genres and techniques, explore the dynamics of movement in front of and behind the camera, be familiar with cinematic equipment and Premiere Pro editing program and participate in fruitful discussions through reflections and constructive feedback.

At Dance House Lemesos
July 1st 18:00-21:00 | July 2nd 10:00-15:00 | July 3rd 10:00-15:00
Total duration: 13 hours
Participation fee: 80 euros

The workshop is open to dancers, choreographers, directors, filmmakers, photographers, video designers and anyone who enjoys creating dance films.

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*The workshop will be held in Greek