Complex Foreverafter

Complex Foreverafter

Choreography: Alexander Michael

dancers: Alexander Michael

and Dara Milovanovic-Michael.


Ben Frost


Photo: Pavlos Vryonides

Alexander Michael-Cyprus.
21:00 (14’) Synergio

This work attempts to uncover the complexities of modern relationships and life. In this dance, the choreographer, influenced by personal experience, seeks to illustrate the strain of a couple living through growing physical disability of one partner and the emotional and psychological trials that connect to this. It is a tale of love, support, hardship, frustration, and respect. This dance extends beyond the complexities of two people into a wider global scheme of sharing strength and weakness, needing support and providing it. The choreography aims to consider and offer emotional perspectives of both partners.

Alexander Michael began his formal dance training at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 1994. He embarked on a performing career dancing with some of Canada’s most respected choreographers such as David Earle, Darryl Hoskins, and Patricia Beatty. In 1997, he joined the highly-esteemed Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance on a full scholarship and the Martha Graham Ensemble as a principal dancer and toured USA. Mr. Michael has performed with Lia Haraki, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Omada Pende, Alexandra Waierstall, and many others. He began choreographing and became a permanent part of the Cypriot Contemporary dance scene. In 2008, he joined the full- time faculty of the Dance Programme at the University of Nicosia. Mr. Michael holds an Msc Dance Science degree from the University of Wolverhampton.